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Stand up for human rights

Athletes have been inspiring us for generations – creating positive change in the world.

Fighting racism, sexism, apartheid, and homophobia.

Now we need athletes to do it again – and we need your support.

Did You Know?

China: World's Leading Executioner

Amnesty International states that China executes more people than the rest of the world combined! The exact number of executions each year remains unknown but human rights bodies believe it to be in the thousands.
Source: Amnesty International

Did You Know?

Uyghur Genocide

At least three million Uyghurs are being held by the Chinese government in “political re-education” camps? Subjected to systematic torture, rape, indoctrination, and forced sterilization.
Source: Uyghur Tribunal

Did You Know?

Colonial Boarding Schools in Tibet

As many as one million Tibetan children & youth –  as young as 6 years old – are held by Chinese authorities in colonial boarding schools, removed from their parents, families, culture, and religion, and faced with intense political indoctrination.
Source: Swarajya Magazine

Did You Know?

Crackdown in Hong Kong

Freedom and democracy in Hong Kong are under attack. Hundreds of youth activists are being rounded up and imprisoned en masse for simply pressing to hold onto democratic rights.
Source: The Guardian

Did You Know?


China systematically uses torture on prisoners and human rights defenders in detention. The use of electric shock batons, spiked bats and neck cuffs, waterboarding, beatings, sexual violence, isolation, stabbing, and hanging from cables are all well-documented torture methods seen across all areas under China’s rule.
Source: International Society for Human rights Photo: © David Hoffman

Did You Know?

#MeToo and Peng Shuai's disappearance

Speaking out or criticising the government is a dangerous business. After Peng accused former vice-premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault, her disappearance shocked the world. Videos of “her safety” were released by Chinese state media, but it’s unclear whether she is safe and able to speak freely.
Source: Human Rights Watch

Did You Know?

#LGBTI under threat

In January 2019, the Chinese government banned two lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights organizations, including a student-led group at the University of Guangzhou in Hong Kong. In March, government censors cut scenes depicting homosexuality from the Oscar-winning movie “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
Source: The Guardian

Did You Know?

Mass Surveillance

China’s use of mass surveillance is on the rise as authorities and security agencies target the most vulnerable communities. In 2019, media reports revealed that a school had installed cameras to monitor students’ facial expressions and attentiveness, while a Chinese company had required sanitation workers to wear GPS watches to monitor their efficiency.
Source: New York Times

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